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HubSpot Enterprise and HubSpot CMS generated 900 qualified leads for Hatteland Technology

Hatteland Technology is a global technology partner for system integrators in various industries. They offer solutions in industrial displays, industrial computing, industrial networks, and monitoring.

In 2018, the management of Hatteland Technology (formerly Elektronix) decided to change how they approached the market and acquired customers. Previously, they had only worked with Google Ads and wanted to modernize their sales and marketing department rather than focusing solely on cold outreach.

1. Strategy and roadmap

The collaboration began with creating a tailored plan for Hatteland Technology's implementation of the HubSpot CRM platform. This allowed Hatteland Technology to gain clear insights into their target audiences, their questions and objections, and the content they needed to produce first.

A keyword analysis was then conducted to identify the keywords and topics that would make Hatteland Technology visible in organic searches. Based on these keywords and topics, we planned campaigns to understand which articles and email sequences needed to be produced to attract and convert qualified leads.

2. HubSpot CRM Enterprise Suite
Hatteland Technology wanted to build an automated and scalable system to generate and convert leads, which would then be followed up by their sales department.

With HubSpot CRM Enterprise, we were able to create a series of communication paths that automatically followed up on new leads and sent them relevant information before contacts were contacted by a salesperson.

We imported and cleaned the existing contact database to remove invalid and outdated contacts. These contacts were then segmented into lists based on whether they were customers or prospects, as well as distributed across different countries.

We then created automated workflows that automatically qualified and disqualified leads based on actions a contact took on the website. Integration of social profiles such as Facebook and personal LinkedIn profiles was also set up to make it easy to publish content across various social channels.

3. Website in the HubSpot CMS
Hatteland Technology is the result of a merger between Hatteland Display and Elektronix. The new company needed a common website to help educate its audience and generate warm leads for Hatteland Technology's sales department.

The choice fell on HubSpot CMS. This is a solution used by thousands of companies to create fast and secure websites, blogs, and landing pages. The website is integrated with HubSpot's other products so that all customer data is collected on a shared timeline in the CRM system.

4. Writing Technical Content
We produced a series of articles and guides related to Hatteland Technology's business areas. An example is their campaign about IMO 2030, which focused on how Hatteland's products can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the shipping industry.

Technical articles were produced to answer common questions and address objections from potential customers, as well as to share various customer stories.

The content was published via the social publishing tool HubSpot to make the content visible on Facebook and LinkedIn to attract visitors to the articles. PPC campaigns in Google Ads were also created to direct searchers directly to a landing page or product page.

Key results

  1. 357% increase in traffic from 3,500 to 16,000
  2. 900+ leads generated from digital channels
  3. 400% increase in organic traffic from 1,500 to 6,000

Nettly is highly skilled in utilizing HubSpot and other modern digital tools to create value for marketing and sales departments. They have a good understanding of the available opportunities and the actions that can be taken to achieve the company's goals. They proactively suggest potential improvements but also adapt to your input and thoughts. They are both excellent strategic conversation partners and capable of executing practical work when necessary. So far, they have helped us set up a completely new website using HubSpot CMS, as well as implemented HubSpot Marketing and CRM for us.

Sjur Kvamme | Sensio