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Growth Partner for Maritime Tech Companies

We add 10M€ in 12 months for Maritime Tech, increasing company valuation — without increasing sales headcount.

Are you struggling with these challenges?

  • Struggling to attract and retain customers, causing inconsistent growth and churn.
  • Difficulty selling to multiple decision-makers, leading to prolonged sales cycles and lost deals.
  • Marketing isn't generating enough quality leads for sales teams to meet their targets.
  • Not getting desired returns from your CRM due to lack of knowledge or poor implementation.
  • The website fails to attract and convert visitors, missing revenue opportunities.
  • Sales act as order takers, focusing only on existing clients and missing new business opportunities.
  • Technical founders know sales, marketing, and customer success are important but lack expertise.
  • Current marketing strategies waste budget and resources without delivering results.
  • The website fails to attract and convert visitors, missing revenue opportunities.
  • Misalignment and poor communication between sales and marketing lead to missed opportunities.

How we add 10M€ in 12 months for your Maritime Tech Company

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Hear directly from our customers

Our overall marketing and brand-building have increased since we hired Nettly. This has resulted in more leads in the pipeline and more bids. Thanks to their efforts, we have seen remarkable growth in clicks on social media and our website. The work carried out by Nettly would not have been possible by our staff, who are fully engaged in our projects and do not possess the right expertise or interest. I can recommend Nettly to small- or medium-sized businesses that do not have digital marketing resources.

Bernt Schjetne
OceanTech Innovation

We started with no expertise in HubSpot or marketing in 2018, and today we have elevated the entire marketing department to focus on customer needs. We have transitioned from traditional push marketing to a customer-centric approach. This change would not have been possible without support from Nettly.

Jean-Frederic Gauvin
Hatteland Technology

Nettly has been a great supporter in helping us implement a much-needed CRM system in our organization. We are incredibly pleased with the results generated from this collaboration.

Vera Nilsen
Maritime Robotics

Nettly are highly skilled in the use of HubSpot and other modern digital tools to create value for marketing and sales departments. They have a good overview of available opportunities and the actions that can be taken to achieve the company's goals. They proactively suggest potential improvements while also adapting to your own input and thoughts. They are both a good strategic conversation partner and capable of executing practical work if necessary. So far, they have helped us set up a completely new website with HubSpot CMS, as well as implemented HubSpot Marketing and CRM for us.

Sjur Kvamme

In 2021, Nettly was chosen as our partner for training, implementation, integration, and general advice regarding HubSpot to maximize our use of HubSpot. Nettly is very knowledgeable about both HubSpot and marketing. Always up-to-date and available when we need help.

Per Arne Haug