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How Hatteland Technology Grew from 33M EUR to 44M EUR in two years

Hatteland Technology is a Nordic technology partner for system integrators in various industries. They offer industrial products and services, including displays, industrial computing, industrial networks, and monitoring solutions.

Before working with Nettly

  1. Experienced low-quality lead generation from being to reliant on cold outreach and Google Ads.
  2. Prioritized cold outreach over marketing in digital channels without achieving significant results.
  3. Lacked an effective strategy for organic search visibility and content creation, resulting in poor lead generation and visibility in search.
  4. Two different brands had been merged into a new brand and needed a need content management system (CMS)
  5. Underutilized CRM and automation tools, causing inefficient lead management and inadequate follow-up processes.

Steps we took together

  • We implemented a tailored HubSpot CRM plan, cleaned their database, and merged thousands of records into one CRM
  • Conducted keyword analysis, significantly boosting organic search visibility and enabled us to target the same keywords using Google Ads
  • Developed targeted campaigns to generate leads in the marine market that was passed to the sales department
  • Cleaned and segmented the contact database, enabling a more effective newsletter strategy toward their existing customers and leads.
  • Integrated social media profiles, streamlining content publishing, and increasing online presence.
  • Launched a new website using HubSpot Content Hub, effectively educating audiences and generating more quality leads.
  • Produced and published technical articles and guides, effectively addressing customer questions and objections, leading to increased trust and engagement.

What they achieved

  • Revenues grew from 33 million EUR in 2018 to 44 million EUR in 2020.
  • Website traffic increased 357%, from 3500 visits to 16000 visits per month.
  • Generated over 900 leads through SEO, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.
  • 400% growth in organic traffic, increasing from 1500 to 6000 visitors.

We started with no expertise in HubSpot or marketing in 2018, and today we have elevated the entire marketing department to focus on customer needs. We have transitioned from traditional push marketing to a customer-centric approach. This change would not have been possible without support from Nettly.


Jean-Frederic Gauvin
Head of Sales (ex) | Hatteland Technology