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Sensio migrated thousands of records and multiple websites to a single HubSpot portal

Sensio, a leading European company in welfare technology, faced a challenge in consolidating thousands of contacts and companies, and separate websites into a common platform.

Sensio solves care challenges using sensors, systems, and platforms that radically improve the quality and efficiency of elderly care.

After several acquisitions, Sensio wanted to consolidate all its brands, products, contacts, and websites on a unified HubSpot CRM platform.

There were several significant challenges Sensio had to address:

1. They had company data scattered across different systems

Sensio had contact data spread across various sources, including data from Capsule CRM and a HubSpot portal used by their Swedish division.

They wanted to consolidate all this data into one new and centralized HubSpot portal that could be shared among their departments in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, and France.

With a small marketing department, it was crucial to improve the efficiency of their lead follow-ups and sales processes while making it easier to manage marketing across five different markets.

2. Multiple brands had to be brought together under a common website

Sensio is a European player in welfare technology with a presence in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, and France.

Since its inception, Sensio has acquired various companies that until recently had their own visual identities and websites.

The challenge was to bring all the brands together under a common website. The website had to be available in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, and French to allow marketing to different markets.

The solution

To help Sensio with these challenges, Nettly implemented a comprehensive solution that included the implementation of HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub, and HubSpot CMS Hub.

Here's how we achieved this:

1. HubSpot CMS

  • Analysis and Planning: We started with a thorough analysis of Sensio's existing content and needs. Then, we developed a detailed plan for the website's sitemap and content.
  • Multilingual Content: We implemented multilingual features in HubSpot to allow Sensio to manage content in five different languages from a single interface.
  • Content Migration: We migrated content from Sensio's existing WordPress websites to the new HubSpot solution, ensuring everything was optimized for search engines (SEO). Additionally, HubSpot made it easy to create translated versions of articles as needed.
  • No Coding: Sensio already had a visual identity. This allowed us to shorten the development time and build the website on a HubSpot CMS theme. This way, we could launch a website with hundreds of pages in under three months.

2. HubSpot CRM Consolidation and Migration:

  • Migration from Various CRMs: We conducted a comprehensive process to address Sensio's challenges with data consolidation and migration. Firstly, we extracted and cleaned data from several sources, including an existing HubSpot portal used by the Swedish division and Capsule CRM for the Norwegian one. This data collection was crucial to ensure that all relevant information was preserved and correctly transferred to the new platform. In total, over 10,000 companies and contacts were moved to the new HubSpot portal.
  • Migration to a Common HubSpot Portal: The data from the various sources were carefully migrated to one central HubSpot CRM portal solution. This included the transfer of contacts, companies, deals, and other vital elements. Here, we used a combination of tools such as Trujya, Datawarehouse, and manual migration using CSV files.

3. Setting up HubSpot Marketing and Sales

  • HubSpot Marketing Hub: Sensio has already seen good results with newsletters and webinars. We helped set up landing pages, forms, and lists that allowed Sensio to collect subscribers for their newsletter for all five markets and languages. With an integration to TwentyThree and HubSpot, Sensio can generate qualified leads for their webinars.
    HubSpot Sales Hub: Sensio's sales departments had long been operating differently in different systems. With HubSpot Sales, the sales department could now have a common platform. This gives them the ability for easier reporting and less manual logging of data as important activities like emails and meetings are automatically logged through an Office 365 integration.

The results

Through our efforts and collaboration with Sensio, they achieved the following results:

  1. Launch of a multilingual website with several hundred pages
  2. Consolidating 10,000 contacts and 7,000 companies into a HubSpot portal
  3. A unified platform for CRM, website, sales, and marketing"

Nettly is highly skilled in utilizing HubSpot and other modern digital tools to create value for marketing and sales departments. They have a good understanding of the available opportunities and the actions that can be taken to achieve the company's goals. They proactively suggest potential improvements but also adapt to your input and thoughts. They are both excellent strategic conversation partners and capable of executing practical work when necessary. So far, they have helped us set up a completely new website using HubSpot CMS, as well as implemented HubSpot Marketing and CRM for us.

Sjur Kvamme | Sensio