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Killing the PDF

I am joined by Karla Rivershaw, Head of Marketing at Turtl to discuss why companies should replace an outdated lead generation model and #KillThePDF. You will learn:

  • What is broken with the typical whitepaper lead generation model?
  • What is the #KillThePDF movement, and what are some of the reasons to stop using the PDF?
  • How Turtl is built with some psychological principles and “the reading brain” in mind.
  • Why are psychological principles important to consider when creating content
  • Why are layouts and formatting so crucial when it comes to getting people to consume your content
  • Why is interactivity important when it comes to content
  • How does Turtl help companies with complex such as IoT and machine learning and so on do better marketing
  • How does Turtl help salespeople close more deals


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